Thursday, September 24, 2009


Suck suck suck

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Excuse me, are u a fish?

Third post today! See how nice I am.
Went off to labrador Park again!
Serious photographers should skip this post, seriously.

Nope. This is not a macro shot. i just went real close

Ya this one also.

Love this! Truly Fisheye

Almost knocked against the fruit. If only the leaves are greener.

Look at the lamppost!

others are thinking why i am knocking against the pillar.

I got a confession, my 10-24 is not my newest toy. The youngest member is my fisheye.

It is the fun lens which I have been enjoying for the past few days. Had lots of fun, esp when i spent the whole of last night disturbing my nephew by going real close and gave him a distorted facial expression to piss him off.

Maybe i should join a fisheye club or what

More UWA @ Chinatown and Orchard Road

Little words and more Photos with the 10-24mm.


Along streets in Chinatown @ 10mm. kneel on the floor to take this shot.

Supposed to be the best bak kua in Singapore. Eh? Wheres the queue?

Next Stop, Orchard Central

At the junction of Centrepoint and OC

Still the outside of OC

Balcony View at Level 6. quite nice.

This fellow is interesting, think 4 storeys high.
Maybe waited for the OC's completion until neck long

Finally Orchard Ion, the new big thing in orchard.
fat ion.

I am having more fun with wide angles than normal photos recently.

Meet Meiji

Meet Meiji, Polar's girlfriend.

Monday, August 24, 2009

in love with a 10mm.

My new weapon
- Shoots right on spot
- Covers a big angle of fire with 1 single shot
- small
- and ultra deadly.

wahaha.. not this la..

It has a long name too.
It called the

"Dun play play it is really very very much wider than you think, NIKON DX 10-24mm ULTRA WIDE ANGLE lens".

any wider you can shoot your own toes and forehead at the same time

bought it last week over at sam and can't wait to bring it out

a little red amongst the green.
minimal focal at 0.24m. i was already hitting the leaves

there is some distortion at 10mm, i call it beautifully distorted.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Proud owner of a gorilla pod and polar

Woohoo.. these are my birthday presents!
The gorillapod from Os and the bear from my wife.

This gorilla kicks ass. it wraps itself around practically everything and yet it can hold the weight of my big SLR. just imagine a real gorilla with a body of a SLR.

The bear is small and made from japanese kimono material. Sweeeeeet! It will become the model of my shots in future. It shall be called polar (well. it is a bear and it is freezing blue in color) before i think of a good name

Gorilla and polar will be in my camera bag from now on.

Flowers not included. i bought them myself.

Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Uncle. Teh-o jit puay.

I always ponder over lunch.
Ponder how come my diluted teh-o is worth a whopping $1.

lets do some maths to calculate the price of teh-o vs a good puerh.

500ml cup = $1
so 1 ml = $0.002

5 grams of tea can make 7 infusions of 150ml of tea
(assuming teapot is 200ml and 50ml was the space taken for the leaves)

so 5 grams can make 1050ml of tea
a typical cake is 357 grams. So it can make 74970ml of tea
therefore 357 grams of tea in coffeeshop = S$149.94
Therefore the price i pay at coffeeshop is equivalent to buying a puerh of value up to S$149.94

For S$149.94 i can easily buy a nice aged puerh, probably yr 2000?
Why do I have to put up with the expensive teh-o when I can buy a delicious aged puerh?

OOi. Uncle. Serve me something better please.